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Five Years in Sweden, Ladies and Gentlemen! (Okay almost 5 1/2 now...)

Trying to summarize five years of living abroad is potentially the hardest thing I've ever tried to summarize. And that's why it's been almost now five and half years! I guess I just couldn't determine what my main conclusion was.

Living in Sweden for that long doesn’t sum itself up in my head as a series of lessons, really, like so many living abroad blog posts I've read. No list of “things about Swedes” or “things about being a foreigner” or “things about America that I'm so wise about as an expat now blah blah”. There’s thoughts I have about that stuff, of course, and a lot of people in my life get the absolute pleasure of hearing them! ;) Living in a foreign country for years could be transformational for anyone, and for me it included grad school, a new career post-grad school in a capital city, turning 30, a wide variety of romance, and several of my worst fears and great wishes in life coming true. 
So when I think about these 5+ years, I think about a …

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