Catching some new ones.

I remember this from studying abroad before... there is a quick and firm bond you make with some of the people you find alongside you on the adventure. The friendships grow quickly, since each week feels like a year, and they are colored with a variety of new, difficult, crazy, and hilarious experiences. The comforting quieter experiences give the relationships their shape as well...It's lovely to simply just hang out at home with them, making grilled cheese sandwiches or sipping wine and sharing histories. Stories you've told before but never to these friends, sitting at this table, in this country. And then recounting our new stories.

* S and J and I skype to review the night before. We disappear from each other's screens because we're laughing so hard we've hit the floor. "So what happened again with the cops?"...."So the kebab guy is giving you free drinks now?"..."They thought we were freshmen?" And it's only the third weekend.

* We meet at the corner and ride our bikes directly into the sunset to go towards downtown. R says, "I feel like we're kids in middle school, meeting up to go play..." We race down the street and instead of heading to the playground, we pedal to a pub.

* Sitting at one of the nations for lunch, we look around and are completely at a loss for what to do, how to go about getting our drinks or paying or why there's not enough dessert. We accidentally take someone else's table, accidentally steal soda instead of just having the water that was included... but with all of C's jokes, we don't feel so foreign or lost. We're just the table of girls laughing the most.

* J said this early on, in her charming Aussie accent, as we swung each other around on the dancefloor..."Can you believe this is not a holiday, it's not a semester... we get to be here and hang out with each other all year???"

It's going to be so good.

"Yes'm, old friends is always best, 'less you can catch a new one that's fit to make an old one out of."
~Sarah Orne Jewett


  1. Sounds like a ton of fun! Glad to hear from you Corinne! Have a wonderful time!


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