sverige i november

Many Swedes dislike November. It sits uneasily between sparkling and crisp October and cozy and merry December. They say it's too dark, too rainy, and too cold without any payoff such as a holiday or snow.

There were some nights that when biking home, I felt a little urge to cry about just how freezing I felt. It was pretty dark as well... I don't mind that so much but it's a little strange sometimes.

Nevertheless, I found plenty to enjoy about this November. We made the most of every weekend, had our last days where we could possibly walk from one place to another without a huge jacket, and focused on all the studying we had crammed into this shortest quarter of the school year.

And it did snow, in fact. It blew my mind when the world changed from that found in the three photos above to that of the three photos below.

I'm used to November meaning that you probably can't comfortably lay out at the beach anymore. Here it meant the arrival of winter.


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