Honestly, I haven't picked my favorite season in Sweden yet. One might assume I'd pick the summer. And though summer here was glorious, each season has had some particular charm and newness for me this last year. So, I'll go through one more round of them all and get back to you next year if my favorite becomes evident.

Winter stunned me with its white beauty. It is severe but rewarding. Late in the season, on the last snowfall in Lund, I texted a friend excitedly, "Did you see the snow? We haven't had any in awhile!" When he responded, "I saw. Will the misery ever end?" I realized that not everyone felt a little bit sorry to see the season end like I did.

Spring's arrival felt like you'd pushed off down a slide, a long one, that only got steeper as you picked up speed. It can take a long time to arrive, and then all of the sudden it's all around you. There's a giddy thrill in the air and everyone I knew did indeed seem to have a spring fling. Each milestone is exciting. The first day we had a meal outside! The first day I didn't wear gloves! The first day I wore shorts! That ecstatic (while unusual) week in April where the trees bloomed like fireworks and we actually got to lay out.

The Swedish summer is languorous. Mischievous. Romantic. Life on pause. The days are lit by persistent and golden rays of sun and framed by near constant time in the outdoors.

Then Fall. Fall has always been special to me. I have a birthday, there's pumpkins to carve, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and so often, new beginnings. Last year I marveled at the fall colors in Sweden. I've long been looking forward to this second fall in this country, anticipating the pensive landscapes of yellow and red, the cozy sweaters, and a quieter season that allows some settling into new things while calling everyone to one place and a slower pace, unlike the summer.

This fall has held an exceptional amount of newness. Maybe not as much as a year ago. But there's been a lot to learn, a lot to do, a lot of trips and a lot of questions to answer. Perhaps the pace hasn't been so slow in fact. :) But it's possible that there's no better season for handling all of that than this one... these months where long head-clearing walks outside aren't too cold, just fresh. And if you feel overwhelmed you can hide yourself in a comfy scarf and consult some tea about it. The sun may be going down earlier every day but the crisp chill makes for some lovely colors as it's on its way.

Many say that the best time to visit Stockholm is in the prime of summer. There's no doubt that it is magnificent then. But my mom and stepdad were just here for the last two and a half weeks, and all I've been wanting for their visit was for them to get a hint of the beauty that I see here, even if it might have been cold compared to California.

They did indeed. More than a hint. Thank you, Fall, for allowing my family to see and love this place I've moved to, so far away from them.


  1. Corinne, your writing is captivating! I loved this post and the New York one too.

  2. Those pictures are stunning! I love Autumn. It's my favorite season in every country. :) I love your quote "consult a cup of tea about it." I'm going to store that one away and hope I have an opportunity to use it soon.


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