things that swedes have said, part 2

It's been a wild ride the last few months here in Sweden.
Here is another post on things that Swedes have said. Some heart, mind and soul of these Scandinavians all around me... and like last time, these are things that were said in English, either to me or to someone else in front of me or to someone else and retold to me.

On life:

"I wasn't happy about turning 30 because it's sad that those years are gone and never coming back. They were such great times, so many great memories. And we can't relive them. They slip through our hands like sand."

"Thanks for the birthday wishes. I watched the sunrise just now, it was beautiful. I believe it promised us that our 30s are going to be just as good as our 20s."

"Acceptance is what I appreciate most in people. If you care about people and accept them as they are. I have this great job in Stockholm and wear a suit and make great money, and my old friends from my hometown, who normally wouldn't hang out with those types of "suit people", accept me when I go back anyway, because they know and love me."

"Oh... last night... I gave 'shitfaced' a new face."

"You know sometimes there's just a moment you have with people, where you go from 'that person's cool' to 'WE ARE SO GONNA BE FRIENDS'. I remember that moment with you."

"Don't ever think that people can't surprise you. You may think that about him now. You may think your intuition is always accurate. But things aren't always constant, or as they seem. Leave yourself open to being surprised."


"Why commit to someone? Because it can heighten life, it can lift you up. Look, as an individual, I can accomplish a lot. I can be at this high level. But with the right person, it can go up to here... they can add so much to me, and me to them, and we can both be at a higher level. To commit is not submitting to some sort of lockdown... it can be an amazing thing."

"You are an illusion. You look Swedish and you understand Swedish and you speak some. And then you speak English and all of the sudden you are an American girl."

"I don't know if I would say he's a feeling type of guy. He explains things about himself and how he feels as if he's giving a distant observation. It's not from the heart, it's just removed. Sort of how people would say I do, I guess."

"I'm thankful for my girlfriend. Best girl I've ever met."

"People can't really promise anything. How can you make a real commitment when you don't know what will happen in a week, in a month, in ten years? I am not capable of promising. I don't believe that I can guarantee that I can keep my promises, so I can't really make them. I don't really think that most people can make them."

"I can't believe I kissed a California girl. I'm gonna put this in my blog. I'm kidding, I don't have one."
    (Me: "Haha. I do have one. And this is totally going in mine.")

"I need to keep my expectations lower. With relationships it's better to have low expectations and be happily surprised than to have high expectations and be disappointed. It's safer."

"I don't know, maybe. Maybe I would have wanted us to be more than we were. But she never wanted to talk about it. She didn't seem to want it to be brought up. So I never did, and I didn't let myself think about it too much. So I don't really know."

"You've never cheated on anyone, have you? I never have. I can't understand cheating. It's the worst thing ever."

"But I don't want you to be just like me. I want you to be you. I like you because you are you. I want to learn about all the things that you are, not because I expect them to be the same as me or perfect. But because they are you."


"Ehm, he and I are not serious. Not at all. Well I mean I don't know. I'm not really in the right place. Not now. We'll see. Yeah."

"WHAT? Why haven't you told me? You don't cry alone. That's when you call me and we can sit and cry together."

"And then I was just left there, confused, like, where did your feelings go? Why are you so distant? You were full force before, I've never felt so pursued. And then... completely pushed away. I is like knives stabbing you."

"It wasn't exactly what I had in the front of my mind for qualities that I look for in a man before. I don't know why. But I didn't know what I was missing. And this relationship is so incredible because of it, and I am so happy. Kindness. A man who is kind. It's invaluable."

"Sometimes, as much love as there is, it really isn't enough. Sometimes people get in their own way. I wonder if that will happen in my relationship someday... we can try hard, and love each other so so hard, but sometimes the insecurities, the past, jealousy, stress...our own selves... get in the way. It's too bad really... it can be tragic."

"If I said to him that it was too bad that we couldn't see each other, that he moved on, that I can't be around him if he's with someone else... it would be true. Would be hard for me to say, would make me vulnerable... but it would be the truth. And I guess it's time to start being more honest."


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