Sverige i oktober

Sweden in the fall is really beautiful. I spend a lot of time outside here, apart from the time I spend exercising outside back in Santa Barbara, some days I feel so exposed to the weather and the sky and the city just by virtue of not traveling to and fro in a car. I walk or bike, and while sometimes it's a bit chilly (and the winter's yet to come!) it is very lovely. My love for the month of October has been magnified here. Swedes seem to enjoy October as well, for it hasn't gotten that dark yet and there may be rain but not too much and there can be some very lovely days left, where you're still able to find a spot in the sun and sit with your lunch unbothered by the cold. Several afternoons I found myself on a bench against the south-facing wall of the Lund Cathedral, where the sun, when it's out, shines directly and beautifully down to warm you just a bit. It's lovely. October may mean final exams, but the colors of the trees distracted us from that enough that I think I will remember those and not all the library hours.


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